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AZ Wing Blasts Past Thanksgiving Blood Donation Goal

With simultaneous blood drives at the 388th Composite Squadron in Glendale and the Falcon Composite Squadron in Mesa on November 17, the Arizona Wing soared past its goal of having 1,200 units of blood donated by Thanksgiving. The total for the COVID-related mission was 1,226 units collected since mid-April.

These are two of the 24 donors at the 388th Composite Squadron in Glendale, who helped push Arizona Wing past its goal of 1,200 units of blood donated by Thanksgiving.

An additional blood drive on Nov. 19 at the 388th added 30 more blood units and raised the total to 1,256. With 16 blood drives, the 388th is responsible for the collection of a total of 435 units of blood.

One more blood drive this year is scheduled for Nov. 25 at Cochise Composite Squadron in Sierra Vista. Operation Pulse Lift Incident Commander Lt. Col. Bob Ditch says, “Knowing that they have always gathered record collections (once 42 units), I would not be at all surprised to see them push the Arizona Wing’s total over 1,300 units (100 units over the annual goal).”

Any wing members (or their family members) who have donated blood at any non-CAP-sponsored location may add those donations to the total number. Email Lt. Col. Ditch ( to make your donations count.

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