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New Fly-By Released

The latest quarterly issue of The Fly-By, the Southwest Region electronic newsletter is now available. It includes nine stories from Arizona Wing, plus stories from throughout the region. Arizona Wing articles include:

  • Blood Donation Centers Sustain Arizona Wing’s Longest Disaster Relief Mission
  • Seeing and Sharing the Big Picture – Arizona Wing Members Develop the ‘Beacon Hunter’ – A Web-Based App for Plotting ELT Search Bearings into a Visible Database
  • Arizona Wing Cadet Earns Private Pilot Scholarship, about C/Lt. Col. Jacob Mieding from London Bridge Composite Squadron
  • Arizona Wing Squadron Embraces: Practice! Practice! Practice!, about Deer Valley Composite Squadron’s operations training in searching for 406 MHz ELTs
  • Arizona Wing Cadets Compare Notes with International Counterparts, regarding a video meeting between Prescott Composite Squadron cadets and their counterparts in the UK
  • Arizona Wing Completes Second COVID-19 Mission, about the meal delivery mission carried out for Maricopa County’s public health department
  • Arizona Wing Hosts Virtual Aerospace Education Officer School for Southwest Region, regarding the efforts of Wing AE Director Maj. Ron Marks to conduct a virtual AEO school
  • Arizona Wing Supports Transport Mission for Arizona National Guard, about the third COVID-related mission undertaken by the wing at the request of the Dept. of Emergency & Military Affairs
  • On the Road with Arizona Wing’s ‘Dr. Bob’ in Mesa, Arizona — a guest editorial from Lt. Col. Bob Ditch about the Commemorative Air Force Museum

You’ll find the Fly-By here.

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