Civil Air Patrol

Four Blood Drives in One Week

Beginning September 5, the Arizona Wing will be hosting emergency blood drives at three squadron locations, supporting four COVID-19 Operation Pulse Lift events. Blood donation drives will take place:

  • September 5 – Falcon Composite Squadron, Mesa
  • September 9 – 388th Composite Squadron, Glendale
  • September 11 – Cochise Composite Squadron, Sierra Vista
  • September 11 – 388th Composite Squadron, Glendale

“I fully expect that, during one of these events, we will blow past our projected 1 November goal of 750 units of blood collected,” said Incident Commander Lt. Col. Bob Ditch. Currently, 681 units have been collected, amounting to 91% of the current goal.

“September will be — like July — one of our record-generating months with seven blood donation center events,” Ditch said.

Since mid-April, Arizona Wing has hosted 21 blood donation center events at six squadron locations. “This coming week will bring us up to an unprecedented 25 events in less than five months,” Ditch said. “We are the only wing in the nation that is doing this as part of this unequalled CAP COVID-19 response mission. This is the largest disaster relief response by CAP since WWII and longest specific mission in Arizona Wing history. At this time, the Wing’s Operation Pulse Lift mission is one of the longest ongoing CAP missions during the COVID-19 crisis.”

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