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Four Wing Members Recognized for NESA-MTT Contributions

Four members of the Arizona Wing were recently recognized by Southwest Region Commander Col. Joe Smith for outstanding service in the standup of the “Global Campus” of the national headquarters-sponsored National Emergency Services Academy through the employment of  Mobile Training Teams.

Lt. Cols. Gordon Helm, Paul Rehman, and Linda Yaeger and Capt. Margot Myers received the Civil Air Patrol Exceptional Service Award. This award is presented to Civil Air Patrol members who provide “exceptionally outstanding service to CAP … while serving in any capacity with CAP.” 

“These individuals were instrumental in forming the initial teaching team –which now has over 72 instructors across the nation – that has provided peerless emergency services instruction,” said Lt. Col. Bob Ditch, who manages the NESA-MTT program. “Since last August, over 689 CAP members from 48 states have received the delivery of 47 classes. From Alaska and Hawaii to Puerto Rico and the New England states, the NESA-MTT instructor cadre has demonstrated academic excellence and peerless instructional rigor, saving CAP an estimated $328,000 in education expenses.”

Ditch also noted that Lt. Col. Yaeger supported an ICS 400 class (virtually) for the CAP Southeast Region and Lt. Col. Rehman did the same for the Mid-Atlantic Region recently. Between the two courses, 48 students from 10 wings received the training.

Visit the NESA-MTT page on the national website for more information.  

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