Civil Air Patrol

COVID-19 Pause Continues

A July 21, 2020, memo from National Commander Maj. Gen. Mark Smith discusses a continuing pause in CAP activities for Wings that have begun remobilization. Arizona Wing is not directly affected because COVID-19 statistics in Arizona have kept the Wing from entering into Phase I of remobilization.

This means in-person squadron meetings will continue to be prohibited. Essential missions, including the three COVID-19 related missions assigned to Arizona Wing by the Air Force, will continue.

Here is a portion of Gen. Smith’s memo

As we have all seen over recent days, there are many States experiencing negative trends, and this has forced several Wings to stop or at least slow their remobilization efforts. Our COVID-19 Planning Team continues to monitor activity across the country, and though we continue to make progress, they have recommended, and I concur that we need to proceed
carefully in order to protect our membership. To that end, we are implementing the following:

a. CAP will pause any movement from Phase II to III until 1 September 2020.
b. In order for a Wing to move from Phase II to III, CAP will require a 4-week downward trend in cases within the State.

It is also likely that we will continue to deal with COVID-19 issues for several more months across the country, if not longer. That means that we will likely have to respond to what could be a record hurricane season as well as other disasters while contending with COVID-19. In order to be sure that CAP is prepared, the COVID-19 Planning Team will be helping the CAP and CAP-USAF Operations staff create an operations plan for what we consider to be the worst-case scenario at this point: a hurricane impacting Southeast Region requiring a large-scale CAP response where most Wings are still in Phase 0.

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