Civil Air Patrol

2020 Summer Encampment Cancelled

Message from Maj. Jerad Hoff, AZ Wing Chief of Staff:

After consultation with Col Rob Pinckard, the Arizona Wing Commander along with Maj Joanna Moseley, the Arizona Wing Director of Cadet Programs, I am announcing the cancellation of the 2020 Arizona Wing Summer Encampment. While the decision is unbelievably disheartening, our commitment to the safety of our cadets made the decision itself a fairly easy one to make. Following the requirements put forward by our National Headquarters to safely re-mobilize the Civil Air Patrol, which require certain federal and state conditions to be met along with metrics related to the virus infection rate, we won’t be able to meet minimum requirements to have an activity with a large number of participants. Additionally, necessary social distancing requirements would have significantly interfered with our plans for housing, transportation, and dining.

I know this decision is extraordinarily disappointing. The Cadet Commander for encampment was supposed to be C/Lt Col Jacob Little. Representative of the exceptional dedication to servant leadership our cadets are known for, C/Lt Col Little’s first response to the news was to ask if he and the cadet cadre could develop a plan that would still provide a virtual opportunity to teach, mentor, and guide cadets who would be interested in advancing their skills and knowledge. I’ll be sure to let everyone know what our exceptional cadet leaders come up with.
I have already begun working with the U.S. Army on coordinating dates for 2021. We are also investigating possible smaller activities that could occur at Fort Huachuca and around the state once the wing gets the green light to engage in larger activities with large groups.   

If you are concerned about how cancelling encampment impacts your promotion path, there is a waiver in place to assist cadets who are ready to earn their Mitchell and don’t want to wait for another encampment. For details, here is the memo from NHQ:

As I am each year, I am extremely grateful to Maj Joanna Moseley, Maj Ken Smith, and Capt Jim Seeds for their dedication to encampment. They’ve been planning for months to get ready for this summer and unfortunately that planning won’t come to fruition this year. They are phenomenal members of the encampment team and we are fortunate to have them in our wing.

To the cadets and seniors that were planning on joining me for one of the most unique, challenging, and rewarding experiences found anywhere, I’m sorry we won’t be getting together this summer like planned. I urge you remain engaged in CAP and lean on your CAP family as needed to get through these unique challenges we’ve all been facing. A virus isn’t going to keep us for being there for one another.

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