Civil Air Patrol

Summer Encampment Postponed

A message from AZ Wing Chief of Staff Maj. Jerad Hoff:

Due to a number of COVID-19 related obstacles, the 2020 AZWG Summer Encampment is being postponed. We are currently in discussions with the U.S. Army to see if there are dates available in July, provided the pandemic response allows for an encampment to occur by then.

I want to thank Maj. Joanna Moseley, C/Lt. Col. Jacob Little, C/1st Lt. Tera Smeltzer, and C/Capt. Tristan Obregon for the enormous amount of planning and preparation work they have done for this summer’s encampment. Given this is a postponement and not a cancellation, they along with the recently selected Cadet Cadre will continue moving forward to ensure our summer encampment provides the absolute best cadet experience for our students.

I’ve heard there was some concern among some parents in the wing that the encampment registration process was closed for cadets wanting to attend this summer; in fact it hasn’t been opened yet. Nobody has missed an opportunity to sign up for encampment. Once we have dates secured, we’ll start the registration process shortly thereafter.

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