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Scholarships to three AZWG cadets

Three Arizona Wing cadets received notification recently of their selection for national flight training scholarships.

Each year CAP awards academic and flight training scholarships to cadets based on merit. This year, three Arizona Wing cadets are among 36 nationwide who will receive flight training scholarships. Each scholarship pays $1,000 toward flight training.

The three cadets are:

  • C/Lt. Col. Jacob Kottraba, Eloy Composite Squadron
  • C/Capt. Weiss O’Connor, Deer Valley Composite Squadron
  • C/2nd Lt. Johnathon Wilmoth, 388th Composite Squadron

These three cadets were among 246 who applied for flight training scholarships.

In a notification letter, CAP National Commander Maj. Gen. Mark E. Smith told the cadets, “For the aviation-minded, 107 of the applicants indicated they have piloting experience equivalent to the CAP pre-solo badge or more. Judging by the competition, your accomplishments place you at the top of the best of the best. I am pleased that we, CAP, can honor you with a reward for a job well-done, which helps you achieve your future academic or aviation goals.”

Three Arizona Wing cadets also received notification from national headquarters that they are prospective candidates for the Cadet Wings program.

According to the Cadet Wings Student Guide, the program “provides funded training to selected Civil Air Patrol cadets to earn their Private Pilot Certificate (PPC) in the Airplane (Single Engine Land-ASEL or otherwise known as powered), Glider, or Lighter-than-air (Balloon) categories and classes. The Air Force has allocated Civil Air Patrol (CAP) funds for CAP cadet flight training with the goal of fulfilling its mission of developing tomorrow’s aerospace leaders.

“As part of the Youth Aviation Initiative (YAI), Cadet Wings is a merit-based program, providing formal flight training for CAP cadets pursuing a PPC.”

More information will be announced as Cadet Wings finalists are selected and announced.

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