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Pricer to Lead Cadet Wings Program in AZ Wing

Maj. Mark Schadt, Arizona Wing Director of Operations, sent the following message to wing members on January 23 regarding flight training opportunities for cadets:

CAP National rolled out its Cadet Wings program some time ago and it presents many opportunities for cadets to obtain flight training. Starting out with orientation flights, National Cadet Special Activities for powered and glider flight and the Cadet Wings program, there are many pathways to getting cadets in the air and on their way to the private pilot certificate. As a former Squadron Commander, I share the frustrations many of you have about the deluge of information from CAP National on these programs and the disconnect with coordination at the region and wing level to help exploit these opportunities for our cadets.

I am pleased to announce that Lt Col Kurt Pricer has volunteered to be the Arizona Wing Manager for the Cadet Wings Program. With the assistance of Lt Col Luis Camus and in coordination with the Southwest Region Cadet Wings representative, Kurt will formalize the development of the Arizona Wing Cadet Wings program. Some of his goals are to identify and recruit CFIs throughout the wing to conduct flight training with qualified and interested cadets. Kurt will attend squadron cadet meetings throughout the wing to present all the opportunities available from CAP national and help facilitate wing assistance in implementing these programs. He wants to introduce the program to our cadets to identify those who are interested and willing to commit to the program.

As you know, Arizona Wing has taken delivery of a new Cessna 172 (331CP). While planning is in the initial stages, Kurt will travel throughout the wing in the new aircraft for his presentations. He believes that by introducing the program using the presentation prepared by CAP national and cadets seeing a representative training aircraft that is used at the wing or national level (NCSA’s), interest in the program will grow. Since Kurt and his team are in the beginning stages of this effort and much work needs to be done, specific basing and deployment of training aircraft will be determined in the future. 

This effort is important as well as personal for me as I obtained my private pilot certificate in high school as a CAP cadet in my squadron aircraft in the North Carolina wing. If it wasn’t for the dedication of my CAP flight instructor and the financial and operational support of my squadron, I would never have achieved my private as a cadet. I want this same opportunity for our Arizona Wing cadets and believe that with Kurt’s efforts along with the resources available through the Cadet Wings program, we can help our cadets achieve their flight training goals. 

I would appreciate it if all squadron commanders, deputy commanders for cadets and operations officers work with Kurt and his team to help get this effort moving forward. I know several squadrons around the wing have worked on various plans at the squadron level and their efforts to date will definitely help in the development of this program. 

I want to thank Kurt and Luis for stepping up to lead this effort in our wing. Their dedication to our cadets and interest in enabling their flight training goals is greatly appreciated by the members of the Arizona Wing.

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