Civil Air Patrol

Mohave Valley Cadet Achieves Spaatz Award

Katherine (Katie) Hamiel, of the Mohave Valley Composite Squadron has received the General Carl A. Spaatz award, which places her among the top 1 percent of CAP cadets nationwide. This achievement comes with promotion to the grade of cadet colonel, the highest grade attainable for a CAP cadet. Hamiel didn’t have much time to be a cadet colonel before her 21st birthday arrived, automatically making her a senior member with the grade of captain.

Hamiel is a student at Mohave Community College and a licensed realtor with Best Results Real Estate, LLC, in Bullhead City. She recently earned her private pilot certificate.

About the Spaatz Award

The General Carl A. Spaatz Award is Civil Air Patrol’s highest cadet honor. It is presented to cadets who have demonstrated excellence in leadership, character, fitness, and aerospace education.Cadets qualify for this prestigious award after devoting an average of five years to progress through sixteen achievements in the CAP Cadet Program. Along the way they develop self-discipline, a strong sense of personal responsibility, the ability to lead and persuade, and the foundation necessary for pursuing a career in aviation, space, or technology.The final step a cadet must complete to earn the Spaatz Award is a rigorous four-part exam consisting of a challenging physical fitness test, an essay exam testing their moral reasoning, a comprehensive written exam on leadership, and a comprehensive written exam on aerospace education. Upon passing the Spaatz Award exams, the cadet is promoted to the grade of cadet colonel.The Spaatz Award is named in honor of Carl “Tooey” Spaatz, the first Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force.

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