Civil Air Patrol

TOP Flight Day Scheduled for April 14

The superintendent, board members and teachers from the Pendergast Elementary School District will gather at Glendale Municipal Airport, west of Phoenix, on Saturday, April 14, to learn more about the aerospace education curriculum materials and STEM kits available to them as Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education Members (AEMs).

Flight Day will involve CAP airplanes from across the Wing and will provide many Pendergast AEMs with an opportunity to go on a Teacher Orientation Program flight. Capt. Angelo Rossetti, the Wing Aerospace Education Director, coordinated this event and actively helped the Pendergast District obtain a $500,000 grant that will support 110 AEMs in the District as well as many students who will be exposed to the opportunities of a STEM-related career.

Learn more about the plans for TOP Flight Day here.


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