Civil Air Patrol

Operation Pulse Lift Provides Much-Needed Blood Donations

On April 12, CAP members arrived to give blood at Falcon Composite Squadron 305 as part of the Operation Pulse Lift blood donation mission. A total of 30 units of blood were collected.

Five other members around the state reported that they have given blood at their local donation centers in the last week, bringing the current total blood donation from the Wing to 35 units. These donations essentially give the Wing six potential saves over the next couple of weeks as the blood is used to help accident victims and others in desperate need of donated blood.

Phase II of Operation Pulse Lift is scheduled for August 11, 2017, at Falcon Field.  The longer-term plan is to hold a third blood donation event on Saturday, December 2, 2017, as a part of the Spirit of 76 – 76th Anniversary/Birthday Party at Falcon Field.

The American Red Cross workers were extremely pleased with the Falcon Squadron capabilities and support, saying that it is a perfect blood drawing center. As a result, it has been now listed as an Emergency Blood Drawing Center for them. Should there be an unannounced call-out for blood (for example, in a distant emergency in the state or if another donation center has to cancel at the last minute), the Red Cross will call on CAP to back them up by providing a location for an Emergency Blood Draw.

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