Civil Air Patrol

AZ Wing Announces Above and Beyond Cadet College Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to Cadet/1st Lt Brookelin J.V. Collins (Prescott Composite Squadron 206) and Cadet/2nd Lt Reyna Armbrust (Deer Valley Composite Squadron 302), the first cadets selected for the American Public University (APU)/Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Above & Beyond Cadet (ABC) College Orientation Program. Both cadets will be entering college this semester and attending APU, taking a tuition-free, three-semester-hour course of their choice.

C/2nd Lt Reyna Armbrust, Deer Valley Composite Squadron 302.

Cadet/1st Lt Brookelin J.V. Collins (Prescott Composite Squadron 206).

The first-ever, Arizona Wing-hosted, Above & Beyond Cadet (ABC) College Scholarship Program was designed to provide deserving Arizona Wing cadets with the opportunity to take one APU course. APU is a fully accredited university that offers numerous graduate and undergraduate programs/degrees.

Collins will begin her collegiate odyssey by taking an Introduction to Intelligence Studies course. Armbrust will be taking a course in Personalities Theories.

The objective of the ABC program is to orient deserving CAP cadets to college academic rigor, study requirements, and assignments, promoting higher education and follow-on attendance in college. A novel program, it is intended to raise the bar of professionalism and academic excellence within CAP and the selected members.


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