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Wingtips News and Photos

Civil Air Patrol National Character Day

Cadet SS Jesus Monzon

Photos by Cadet Major Jacquelyn Tayler



Civil Air Patrol has had many days  themed into the Civil Air Patrol curriculum, such as the aerospace themed trip to the Challenger Space Center earlier this year, but a character day has never been nationally done before, until now. That’s something that Arizona Wing participated in, this year on September 17, 2011.

Cadets from all over the state were invited to Falcon Field to listen to motivational speakers then to proceed to hands on activities. Not only were Cadets going to have fun during this day, but they were also going to fulfill the goals set by the founders of this program; to “motivate cadets to take seriously issues of character and honor, while recommitting themselves to the drug free ethic; (and to) further integrate the DDR program into CAP’s overall Cadet Program.”

55 Cadets from all Arizona Wing arrived at various times early in the morning and after reporting in they were seated into a small conference room. After everyone was seated and quieted with a quick "room, attention " the program started. Cadet 2ndLt. Jacqueline Andrieu kicked off the program with a quick and efficient class of safety; she then ended with the statement “every one can be a safety officer”.

Cadet Lt.Col. Jacqueline Taylor then took over the class with a plan in mind. That plan was to teach the Cadets about the United States Air Force Academy’s ARDA character model. Her class began explosively with a shocking picture of a man rappelling in a dangerous situation. Throughout her class she explained the acronym ARDA (A: Awareness, R: Reasoning, D: Decision, A: Action) and how it related to real life scenarios. By the end of the class Cadets were left thoughtful over their decisions.

Afterwards guest speaker Waldel Blackwell took the floor. He started off his presentation in a fun hip way that got everybody in a relaxed mood. He explained how our goals in life should be layered with achievements, and filled with side accomplishments to help layer up closer to a goal. He shared many statements which inspired cadets; such as “set your goals for you”, “no such thing as right & wrong, only consequences”, “followers avoid, leaders confront”. And not only did he create a great atmosphere he also emphasized that as Civil Air Patrol Cadets we must not avoid drugs, but confront them and say “Thank you, but no thank you”

Next Cadets were lead outside to participate in various activities that explored various character skills. The first activity was an obstacle course in which Cadets had to drive a remote controlled car while wearing glasses that gave the user sight problems (replicating being drunk). The second activity had Cadets racing each other while using walking planks. The third activity had Cadets relay racing while wearing the glasses that replicated how a drunken person would see. The fourth and final activity had Cadets playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Finally after a safety class, a character class, a motivational lecture and after having a good time with other Cadets, everyone was dismissed on a good note. As Cadet Lt.Col. Jacqueline Taylor put it, ‘It was an amazing activity that brought the Cadets of AZWG together not just as individuals, but as a team”. It became apparent at this point that everyone was sparked with a new fire in their hearts, and that fire was a fire which shall not extinguish, and will prevail the hardships of life, and that fire is the spirit of being a Civil Air Patrol Cadet who lives life to the fullest while being an ambassador for the Drug Free Ethic.


Copper State 2011

by Lt Col Pete Feltz
This years Copperstate Fly-In at Casa Grande Oct.20-22 2011 sponsored by the EAA, was bigger  than last year and everyone seemed to have a good time.  An estimated 400 to 500 aircraft flew in.  Sqn 316 of Casa Grande also participated and supplied their cadets for parking and monitoring entrances and helped with recruiting at the AE Exhibit.
Sqn 308 from Glendale also came on Saturday to supply some cadets and Senior Members.  Check out the photos of the Exhibit Display in the main tent, which have been posted in the Wing photo album on the Wing website home page.  The cadets shown are from the Glendale Sq. 308.  The are L to R: C1SRA Thomas Nichols; C1SRA James Roye; C1A1C Christopher Micori; C1AB Tadeo Garza and C1AB Caleb Ackerman.


Weather Spotter Training Opportunities

Weather Spotter Classes are set to be held at 2 Phoenix area squadron buildings in November. The National Weather Service will be conducting classes November 2 in Deer Valley and November 30 at Falcon Field. Details and instructions on how to attend can be found on the National Weather Services site at


FOX News Films Deer Valley Squadron

Fox News Channel 10 visited the Deer Valley Squadron and filmed a segment on cadet and flight activities. To see the video, visit the Fox News link

National Weather Service’s Weather Spotting Class

 Glendale Composite Squadron 308 hosted the first National Weather Service’s Weather Spotting Class on 13 October.

These classes are available to teach around the valley.  23 attendees were educated on clouds, fronts, wind, videos, and rain between 7 and 9pm at no cost to individuals.

Response to the class was very positive and professional, and all look forward to future educational opportunities from the NWS.

Contact Austin Jamison with the NWS at 602-881-2870 with any questions about the class.  Allow time for a response, as he may be working rotating shifts.


Peoria Safety Day

by Lt Col Pete Feltz

The Peoria Safety Day was at the Rio Vista Park in Peoria.  It was estimated 3000 attended.  The Peoria Safety Day involved Police, Fire and other Community Services for Safety Education and Fun.  Members of the Glendale CAP Sq 308 were in attendance including; Lt Col Seifrita, Maj. Gregor, Cadet Garza, Cadet D. Bautista and Cadet L. Bautista.  They set up a booth  for Recruiting, Aerospace Education, Emergency Services and Community Service.


Arizona AE Team and Cadets Shine at Media Event

By Lt Col Pete Feltz


Phoenix--Anthem Elementary School, in the Phoenix, AZ area knows how to celebrate!  About 800 students turned out to greet the FOX 10 News helicopter and reporter Cory McClosky. Most of the students had their Aerospace Academy shirts on and did a super job making  posters for the event.  FOX 10 was at the school for over two hours and McClosky greeted all the students in the lineup. 

The whole show was taped by Fox 10 and some of it was aired as it happened on the morning news.  As you can tell by the signs, Civil Air Patrol is shown as collaborating with the school to help them accomplish this ACE School of the Year award. 

After the Fox 10 helicopter left, the CAP contingent was invited to ten classrooms to promote CAP and try to recruit those interested to join the Deer alley Squadron.  There was a lot of interest by the students and it also gave CAP a chance to congratulate them for their Aerospace achievement. Photos are posted in the Wing photo album on the website Home page.




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