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Wingtips News and Photos

Astronomy Club Shows Off the Stars to Civil Air Patrol

On October 22, the Little Colorado River Valley Astronomy Club invited the cadets of Show Low Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol to enjoy a night of education and observation.  Astronomy Club members presented educational programs to the cadets  about coordinate systems, telescope design, telescope mounts, astronomy planning and a basic orientation of the sky.  The club then provided 8 telescopes for viewing and observation.   Among other sights, the cadets were able to see a satellite reflect sunlight, a comet and Jupiter and several of its moons.


The Little Colorado River Valley Astronomy Club meets twice a month.  One meeting is an indoor meeting at EWS Hobby in Show Low and the other is an outdoor observation meeting.  The club has approximately 25 members and is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting the enjoyment and education of astronomy and related subjects to members and the general public.  The club is interested in promoting astronomy in the schools by providing an educational program similar to that presented to the Civil Air Patrol Cadets.  Anyone interested in the club or in arranging for an educational program can visit their web site at


First ever 501 FTX



On Nov 18, 19 and 20th, the cadets of the Lake Havasu City Composite squadron put on their first FTX. Members from Deer Valley 302 joined them for 3 days of training for a learning and fun environment. The cadets got to fine tune their ELT searching skills, build fires, and build desert shelters with only what could be found in nature, and their 24 hour pack. Everyone got to eat good food cooked up by the 501 Squadron Commander. All the cadets had fun and learned the value of team work, team building by working together on an endurance course on the second day and performing tasks in a timed event. Of the 2 flights that attended, bravo was the overall winner, but everyone did a great job. Next year will be bigger and better.


Capt Joel Cosmano CAP


Arizona Govenor Issues CAP Proclamation

In recognition of Civil Air Patrol's 70th Anniversary, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has issued an official Proclamation. The Proclamation "commends CAP for it's "Mission for America" and it's outstanding cadet and aerospace programs, which annually touch the lives and ensure the safety of thousands of American citizens."

Also cited where the various Search and Rescue, Homeland Security and Air force assistant missions performed by the Civil Air Patrol.

Click here to see image of Proclamation




by Maj. Luis Camus, Squadron 205 Commander

After planning the project for nearly a year, Verde Valley Composite Squadron 205 in Sedona launched its space balloon at sunrise on November 12. The payload consisted of a video camera and a personal GPS device. The camera was used to record video and audio from liftoff, to balloon burst in subspace, to landing. The personal GPS device was used to track the payload trajectory. 

Our squadron’s resolve to see this project through was tested


CAP Celebrates 70th Anniversary

The Civil Air Patrol and Arizona Wing are marking this year's 70th anniversary of CAP. NHQ has issued an official news release and message from the CAP National Commander, Maj General Charles L. Carr, Jr, posted in this article. An anniversary proclamation from Governor Brewer has also been issued. Click "Read More" to see these items.


Glendale Squadron Locates ELT Signal

By Lt Col Robert Ditch


During the evening of 21 November 2011 multiple airliners arriving and departing across the Phoenix Metropolitan area began reporting an Emergency Locator Transmission (ELT); indicating a possible aircraft in distress or crash.  At the time of the initial reports it was unknown if a pilot was having an emergency or if an aircraft/ELT had been accidently bumped/disrupted while in maintenance.  Ten of the aircraft reported the signal to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) air traffic controllers who immediately notified the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC) at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida. Upon receipt of the information the AFRCC contacted the Arizona Wing of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) who sent out an immediate notification, via the State of Arizona Division of Emergency Management - Communicator Notification/Alert System, to all CAP units across the state.  Within two minutes of receiving the alert the Glendale CAP Squadron had their radio receivers turned on and were reporting that the signal was originating from Glendale Airport.  Without hesitation the CAP Squadron mobilized a Urban Direction Finding (UDF) team and was able to quickly isolate the signal to an aircraft located in a maintenance hangar at the airport.  The owner was called and promptly secured the ELT.


The record response by the Glendale CAP Squadron demonstrated once again how quickly technology and the spirit of volunteerism can come together to mitigate a potential aircraft emergency.  First the squadron was able to quickly let the State of Arizona and U.S. Air Force rescue officials know that there was no emergency so that other rescue resources could stand-down. Second by immediately securing/turning off the device they reopened the FAA emergency notification radio frequency so that if another actual emergency took place the real emergency ELT would not be confused by the false alarm one that had already been discovered. All too often many response and administrative agencies are willing to allow such emergency signals to continue to go off until the next day, or later, and thus prevent actual emergencies from being reported reliably. Fortunately this is not the case for the Glendale Squadron or the rest of the Arizona Wing of professionals who respond almost every week to ELT signals, actual overdue/missing aircraft or lost hikers/campers and other missing persons emergencies.  The response record set by the Glendale Squadron is one that is unprecedented. From the time of notification to isolation of the ELT was only over a period of minutes--A peerless response by the Glendale CAP volunteers and Glendale airport officials.



CAP Supports Scottsdale Air Fair

submitted by Capt Steve Ziomek

Civil Air Patrol cadets and seniors turned in an exemplary performance this past weekend at the Scottsdale Air Fair!


The City of Scottsdale, the Scottsdale Airport Director and Manager, the Airport Advisory Commission, PSM2 the promoter, as well as several pilots who were in attendance at the air fair praised CAP’s participation.


Every display; 314's C-182 on loan; the CAP Glider brought over by Tim Carroll (who supervised the assembly and disassembly by 35 cadets); the History & Aerospace Exhibit; the Recruiting Booth; the Rocket Launch; the Mobile Command Trailer; the 30 plus Seniors; and of course, the 40 or so cadets; represented CAP well.


Our cadets marched as one unit during the Sunday Opening Ceremonies and were called upon to perform many tasks including crowd control and the management of the aircraft 'hot zone'.


Every cadet looked and acted the part-- A great weekend for CAP in front of over 20,000 people.



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