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Wingtips News and Photos

AZWG HQ and Support Group Personnel Changes

I am pleased to announce the following personnel changes at the Arizona Wing HQ and in the Cadet and Mission Support Groups. 

  • Lt Col Layne Slapper has assumed command of the Mission Support Group in addition to his duties as Arizona Wing Vice Commander.
  • Lt Col Frank Scherer has assumed the position of the Wing Coordinator for the Arizona Wing.
  • Lt Col Newton Muehleisen has assumed the position of the General Carl A Spaatz Testing Coordinator for the Arizona Wing. 

I want to express my gratitude to Lt Cols Slapper, Scherer and Muehleisen for their exemplary duty performance, leadership and continued dedication to the Arizona Wing and the Civil Air Patrol.

Please congratulate these Officers on their new positions.

Thank you.



Removal of US Flag Patch

Many Cadet and Senior Members have expressed concern at the removal of the US Flag from the BDU and Field Uniforms mandated by the recent CAPM 39-1 change released by National on 26 June, 2014. During a recent talk with Col. Brian Ready, he explained the reasons behind this issue, and this explanation was similiar to the National Commander's perspective.

"The Flag was added to the BDU's in 2007 when CAP was renamed the U.S. Civil Air Patrol." Col Ready explained. "It's only been in service for seven years, and is now being retired."

Here is NHQ's reason for the removal of the US Flag Patch, received in response to  'Ask the National Commander':

"CAP’s USAF-style uniform policies will adhere to USAF standards found in the appropriate USAF instructions. The American flag is being removed from the CAP BDU because the Air Force does not wear the flag on their field uniform while serving stateside."



PAO Academy will be held at the National Conference!

Attention all PAOs!
Mark your calendar for PAO Academy V to be held Aug. 12-13. The event will feature hands-on training on how to create a video, including YouTube, designing a web page, setting up and using Facebook and how to use Twitter to complement your PA program. Key national programs and initiatives to be covered include several important “how tos”: how to be an effective PIO, how to use CAP’s national branding campaign to complement wing and unit PA plans, how to secure grassroots publicity for the Congressional Gold Medal, how to localize the 75th anniversary guide and how to create award-winning projects. In addition, participants will get the chance to meet the 2014 Balsem Award winners. Attendees will receive a PAO Academy coin and polo AND the wing will treat everyone to a “Tim Hahn” barbecue, which will feature CAP branded steaks.

Also, anyone aspiring to be a member of the National Public Information Officer Team is encouraged to sign up for the FEMA G289 course to be held Monday, Aug. 11. Focusing on the unique position of the PIO, the Public Information Officer Awareness Course will orient participants to the public information function and the role of the PIO in the public safety/emergency management environment. The cost is only $20. Reserve your spot today.

For more information, contact Julie DeBardelaben at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Lt. Col. Steven Solomon at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Missing Aircraft near Page, AZ located by Prescott Aircrew!

I would like to thank all the participants of yesterday's mission for the missing aircraft near Page, AZ. The downed aircraft was located by the Prescott Crew of Keil Bradley, Tom Richtmyer and Roy Evans only 48 minutes into their search. Well done to all.

This mission was significant in that it was a combined effort of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah Wings. A unified command was established and each Wing's operations combined seamlessly into a well coordinated effort. This is the first time in many years the Four Corner Wings have come together on a mission. We should be very proud of the efforts and cooperation of all our members. 

  A few statistics on the mission:

  • 98 Personnel 
  • 4 Wings
  • 2 Regions
  • 18 Aircraft
  • 37 Air sorties
  • 4 Ground sorties
  • 18 Grids searched
  • 40.6 Hours flown in the search area
  • 103.2 Total flying hours
  • Over 1200 volunteer hours provided by CAP members

Thank you for everyone's dedication and commitment to AZWG and CAP.


Arizona Wing

Civil Air Patrol

"One Arizona Wing"


You are invited to the Arizona Wing Conference

Conference 2014 invite


Arizona Wing Encampment Completed Successfully

By C/Maj Meghan Parsons

Marana, Ariz.- 70 Arizona Cadets, 1 New Mexico Cadet and 1 California Cadet participated in the Arizona Wing Summer Encampment held at Pinal Airfield in Marana Arizona.

Encampment is an annual event that focuses on providing cadets training in all areas of the CAP Cadet Program. Goals include applying leadership skills in a practical setting, developing a sense of teamwork and self-discipline and learning how to overcome challenges and succeed.

Encampment is all about training, both the cadets within the flights, known as students and the cadets who are serving as their leaders, the Cadet Cadre. "Most of my interaction is with the Cadet Cadre," Captain Jared Hoff, the Encampment's Commandant of Cadets explained in a video interview. "The purpose of Encampment is to allow for a leadership laboratory for our Cadre. They've read a lot about leadership, and now they get to put it into action. They can do this at the Squadron, but here at Encampment, it's amplified considerably." Said C/2d Lt Sarah DeWeese, Echo Flight Commander."It was great! I am so glad I was able to go and meet new people and find new friends." It wasn't just fun and games serving on Encampment Staff. It required the support and dedication of those who worked behind the scenes to support the Cadet Line Staff to support cadet training activities. "We worked as a team, and not as individuals, this helped us get things done faster, and more effectively." explained C/2d Lt Steven Fulmer, who served as an Administrative Cadet.

The students participated in a variety of activities from Rocket Launches to water survival to Blackhawk simulators, the cadets were kept very busy during the week. "At encampment they keep you very busy with tons of activities for you to do,  but my favorite activities were the team building exercises because it was part of becoming a flight." C/CMSgt Emilee Mandile, a member of Bravo Flight explained.

"Encampment is a very rewarding experience." Captain Hoff explained. "For a lot of the cadet cadre this is their first time in a leadership position of this magnitude. And then the cadet students showing up really not having a clue what's going to happen for the next week. Then at the end of the week to see all of those cadets grow in their leadership skills and their confidence, their knowledge of CAP and their knowledge of aerospace. It is really rewarding to see the cadets excel the way that they do, especially here in Arizona Wing where we have some tremendous cadets of the highest caliber."

"We started with 72 last Saturday and graduated all 72." Lt. Col. Marilee Taylor commented in an email distributed to the Wing, congratulating and thanking the Senior Staff and Cadet Cadre. "Thank you for taking time out of your summer to show our cadets what fantastic cadet leaders we have in the Arizona Wing!" she continued.

Encampment has always been a difficult week. Cadets are pushed to their limits, and come out the other side changed for the better and armed with skills that they will use throughout their lives. Congratulations to the Encampment Graduates, Senior Members and Cadet Cadre. All contributed greatly to the Arizona Wing, and in the training of our next generation of Cadet Leaders.


Southwest Region Staff College Last Call



15 June 2014

Please make checks payable to 2014 SWR Staff College/CAP (Its tax deductible!)

12-18 JULY 2014


OR 


- Customs and Courtesies - Team Building - Leadership Influences - Situational Leadership - Time Management - Problem Solving - Diversity Exercise - Behavioral Analysis - Professionalism -


College fee- $95 (includes all RSC activities & graduation banquet)

Private Room on Kirtland AFB - $56.00 A NIGHT (subject to change)

Food - Approximately ~ $10 a day for 3 meals in KAFB Dining Hall

CAP Van Travel Support – Available through respective Wings!


Send your signed CAPF17 to:

Send Courtesy Copy of CAPF17 and a $30 deposit to:

Your Wing Commander

Civil Air Patrol – your Wing HQ

Your Wing Address

Your Wing City, State, Zip

Lt Col Heather Muehleisen, CAP

SWRSC Director

13040 North 17th Dr.

Phoenix, AZ 85029-1632


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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