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Wing Conference Dates Announced

The 2017 Arizona Wing Conference will be held on June 2-3 at the Little America Hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona. Expect a Friday evening mixer and a full day of informational sessions on Saturday. The Wing Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday evening.

Room reservations are available now and must be made by phone to get the conference rate. Please call 1-800-352-4386 and ask for the Arizona Wing, Civil Air Patrol rate. Deluxe Standard rooms at $127 plus tax single or $147 plus tax double, plus $20 for each additional adult. Cutoff date for this rate is May 12, 2017, so make your reservations now. 

CAP marks 1,000th cellphone mission

March 16, 2017

Over 300 lives saved through cellular forensics team’s efforts since 2006

MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Alabama – Civil Air Patrol’s National Cellular Forensics Team participated in its 1,000th mission earlier today. The mission ended, like hundreds before it, in a “save.”

“The 1000th cell phone mission has been conducted and it was a success,” said Col. Brian Ready, former Arizona Wing commander and one of the members of the cellular forensics team, which the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center has credited with helping save more than 300 lives over the past 11 years. Maj. Justin Ogden and Maj. Jerad Hoff, both members of Arizona Wing, are also key members of the Team.

Read the full article…

Death of Capt. Roy Coulliette

Capt. Roy Coulliette at Lake Pleasant Airport.

Message from AZ Wing Commander Col. Martha Morris:

This morning, Capt. Roy Coulliette passed away in hospital with family around him. He was a member of the 388th Composite Squadron in Glendale and joined CAP in 1987. Coulliette was inducted into the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame in 2004.

He was a fixture in our CAP glider program with more glider experience than anyone – more than 20,000 individual flights. Every time I flew with him, I learned many things. His concern always was our cadets and safety. He donated much time and expertise to our program and let us use his flight school gliders at the Lake Pleasant Airport, which greatly expanded our abilities to fly many cadets at the same time.

He will be missed.


AZ Wing Announces Above and Beyond Cadet College Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to Cadet/1st Lt Brookelin J.V. Collins (Prescott Composite Squadron 206) and Cadet/2nd Lt Reyna Armbrust (Deer Valley Composite Squadron 302), the first cadets selected for the American Public University (APU)/Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Above & Beyond Cadet (ABC) College Orientation Program. Both cadets will be entering college this semester and attending APU, taking a tuition-free, three-semester-hour course of their choice.

C/2nd Lt Reyna Armbrust, Deer Valley Composite Squadron 302.

Cadet/1st Lt Brookelin J.V. Collins (Prescott Composite Squadron 206).

The first-ever, Arizona Wing-hosted, Above & Beyond Cadet (ABC) College Scholarship Program was designed to provide deserving Arizona Wing cadets with the opportunity to take one APU course. APU is a fully accredited university that offers numerous graduate and undergraduate programs/degrees.

Collins will begin her collegiate odyssey by taking an Introduction to Intelligence Studies course. Armbrust will be taking a course in Personalities Theories.

The objective of the ABC program is to orient deserving CAP cadets to college academic rigor, study requirements, and assignments, promoting higher education and follow-on attendance in college. A novel program, it is intended to raise the bar of professionalism and academic excellence within CAP and the selected members.


Arizona Wing Members Visit Capitol Hill in DC

(L-R) Col. Martha Morris, C/Capt. Mackenzie Mollohan, and Lt. Col. Rob Pinckard in front of the U.S. Capitol.

The annual Civil Air Patrol Legislative Day took place on March 2, 2017, in Washington, DC. Legislative Day brings CAP members from throughout the country to meet with their representatives and senators to discuss matters that are important to CAP.

This year, the focus was on a need for increased funding to support the implementation of ADS-B, a relatively new technology that allows pilots and air traffic controllers to more accurately determine their position using satellites rather than radar. This allows better tracking by air traffic control and better situational awareness for pilots.

The Federal Aviation Administration has mandated the implementation of ADS-B by 2020. With the CAP fleet of 560 airplanes, it is critical to plan ahead and begin the transition to the new equipment as soon as funding becomes available. The estimated cost is $2.9 million.

Members of the Arizona Congressional delegation were briefed on CAP’s emergency services, aerospace education, and cadet programs efforts, with AZ Wing cadets describing their personal experiences in the cadet program. The representatives and senators also were invited to join the CAP Congressional Squadron.

The Arizona Wing representatives included: Col. Martha Morris, Wing Commander; Lt. Col. Rob Pinckard, Chief of Staff; Lt. Col. James Nova, Government Relations Advisor; Capt. Gordon Helm, Deputy Commander for Seniors, Deer Valley Composite Squadron 302; Capt. Margot Myers, Wing Public Affairs Officer; C/Lt. Col. Morgan Brewington, Cochise Composite Squadron 107; C/Capt. Mackenzie Mollohan, Mohave Valley Composite Squadron 201; and C/Capt. Andrew Varnes, East Tucson Cadet Squadron 229.

(L-R) Lt. Col. James Nova, C/Lt. Col. Morgan Brewington, Col. Martha Morris, and C/Capt. Mackenzie Mollohan met with Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs (District 5).

(L-R) Col. Martha Morris, C/Capt. Andrew Varnes, Rep. Raul Grijalva (AZ District 3), and C/Capt. Mackenzie Mollohan after a meeting in the Congressman’s office.

AZ Wing Awarded Unit Citation

This message sent on Feb. 28, 2017, from Arizona Wing Commander Col. Martha Morris:

We just found out Arizona Wing (the entire Wing) has earned the coveted Unit Citation award for the inclusive dates of 1 NOV 2013 to 31 DEC 2015. This is to recognize all the Outstanding ratings earned by the Arizona Wing under the command of Col Brian Ready. These high ratings have never been equaled across the nation by any other wing.

A hearty well done and a new green ribbon for your uniform for every person who was a member of the wing during that time period.

AOPA Pilot Article Focuses on CAP Technology Teams

An article appeared recently on the AOPA Pilot website regarding the Civil Air Patrol National Radar Analysis and Cellphone Forensics Teams. The high-tech solutions aided in quickly pinpointing missing aircraft and speeding the rescue of the downed pilots and passengers.

The Cellphone Forensics Team originated in Arizona Wing with members Maj. Jerad Hoff, Maj. Justin Ogden, and Col. Brian Ready. It is just one of several technology tools developed in Arizona Wing to support CAP search and rescue programs.

Read the AOPA article here.


Mass Fly Day at Deer Valley Airport

The Deer Valley Composite Squadron gathered at Phoenix Deer Valley Airport on Saturday, February 25, for a “Mass Fly Day.” In addition to Deer Valley’s airplane, CAP aircraft from Glendale, Prescott, Scottsdale, and Yuma squadrons were on hand to take approximately 20 cadets on orientation flights. While some cadets were airborne, others were honing their skills in a variety of ways: getting signed off to operate CAP radios; learning to marshall airplanes; and searching for an Emergency Locator Transmitter that was hidden somewhere on the airport grounds.

The CAP members started with a safety briefing at 7 a.m. First flights out were at 8:20 a.m. and expected to last about two hours.


Maj Mark Schadt, Deer Valley Composite Squadron 302 Commander, conducts a safety briefing for cadets participating in Mass Fly Day.


Lt Col Paul Gerner teaches the cadets about how to preflight an airplane.

Capt Klara Olcott talks with cadets who are training for aircraft marshalling.

Capt Klara Olcott talks with cadets who are training for aircraft marshalling.


Five Civil Air Patrol planes lined up on the ramp and ready for cadet orientation flights.

2017 Cadet Cadre Selection Exercise Announced

Planning for the 2017 summer encampment is underway. In order to have another successful encampment, outstanding cadets are encouraged to serve on the Cadet Cadre.

Cadets who have successfully completed an encampment and would like to apply for a Cadre position will register for the Cadet Cadre Selection Exercise (CCSE) at this link. Registered applicants should plan on attending the selection exercise on Sunday, March 19, at 1200, at the Arizona Wing facility at 7011 N El Mirage Rd, Glendale, AZ. Read the full article…

Operation Pulse Lift Supports the Red Cross

Give-BloodOperation Pulse Lift 2017, Arizona Wing’s Blood Donation Program, has begun and the Falcon Composite Squadron 305 has set up a donation site for Wednesday, 12 April 2017.  Please email Lt. Col. Bob Ditch to set up an appointment to donate blood. Times for appointments are in 15-minute intervals from 1300 through 1900 (last appointment is at 1900). To get a time that meets your schedule, don’t delay making an appointment. Walk-ins are not accepted as supplies and teams are right-sized for scheduled appointments.

Ditch encouraged other Arizona squadrons to work with the American Red Cross (ARC) to set up blood drives at their squadrons or nearby facilities. Besides being a great community and national service, it is a good way to get non-CAP members to CAP buildings and market the CAP while they are there.  Go to this link to request setting up a donation drive.

If you are interested, or are just interested in getting your squadron members to participate, without setting up a drive on your own, go to this link and look up where a drive in your area is being conducted. Donate, let Lt Col Ditch know of the donation, and your squadron will be credited with the donation as part of Operation Pulse Lift 2017.

For members who already donate through United Blood Services or ARC blood drives at work or school, those donations count toward the total goal for AZ Wing. Please provide info on these donations to Lt. Col. Ditch so they can help the Wing achieve its goal.

The AZ Wing goal this spring is 50 units of blood, with 100 units targeted for the year. “Let’s blow that goal out of the water and help save some lives,” says Ditch.

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